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😏   I miss the radio-like experience when listening to podcasts. I have to scroll through the latest episodes in an app, pick one to listen to, then find another one, and so on. There is no way to discover new podcasts. No way to tell if I'd like a certain episode from a podcast I follow already or not. No way to bring back old episodes that I missed, knowing that I'd like to listen to them at the moment. No context around each episode. I'd like it if there are curators, who curate episodes in their own channels. You listen to the curator's channel because you trust their taste. They can also chime in between the episodes, give you some context about what is coming next. I want the laid-backness experience of the radio, with the freedom of content creation podcasts give to creators.

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🎉   Yay
Posted by Tarek Amr @ 27 Jan 09:14
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